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Multimedia Production Program Created in Response to Workforce Trends

May 04, 2015

In response to the growing demand for social media managers, video conferencing specialists, and other multimedia production professionals in the workforce, the Lexington Campus recently rolled out a new multimedia production program which will replace the former radio and television broadcasting program.

“There are a lot of companies looking for people with experience in multimedia, whether it be video production, audio production, graphic design, or announcing; they all work together,” explained multimedia production program director Bill Gray. “That’s why we’re taking this step forward, to make sure our students have those job skills relevant in today’s job market.”

The program includes new classes such as Introduction to Social Media and Graphic Design, along with several classes which have been revised to give students a broader skill set.  

“Students got the idea when they heard ‘radio and television broadcasting program’ that they were going to be television personalities or they were going to be in front of the camera,” stated campus director Kim Thomasson. “For some, announcing is their forte, and they will continue to find the training they need in the multimedia production program. However, there are many other diverse jobs out there with different companies looking for professionals to manager their multimedia.”

“We’ve seen numerous job postings from medical facilities and other companies looking for social media managers. They are looking for individuals with a degree that are able to come in and manage their Facebook and upload videos to You Tube,” added Bill. “The multimedia production program is an exciting new program that is going to open up new opportunities for our students.”

Multimedia production program director Bill Gray is shown with students from the multimedia production program (formerly radio and television broadcasting program), which was recently created in response to workforce trends.

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