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Mother and Daughter Prepare for New Careers in the Medical Assisting Program

Nov 10, 2014

Deseriee Riddle and her daughter, Amanda Jones, have always been close, but they’ve recently developed an even tighter bond since Amanda joined her mother as a student in the medical assisting program at the Pikeville Campus.

Deseriee was working in food service at Pikeville Medical Center (PMC) when she decided to return to school to advance her career and further her opportunities to care for others. At the recommendation of her husband, a former American National University student, and some of her co-workers at PMC, she came to American National University and enrolled in the medical assisting program. “I’m just trying to better myself,” Deseriee explained.

Shortly thereafter, Amanda graduated from high school, and was pursuing entering nursing school at a large university, when the lack of attention that she received during the enrollment process caused her to reconsider and follow in her mother’s footsteps.

Both Deseriee and Amanda enjoy the small class size and the personal attention that they receive at National.  “I’ve loved all of the teachers so far.  It’s just been a really good experience,” said Deseriee.

After graduating, Deseriee would like to work in oncology, and she hopes to help brighten the day for her patients.  Amanda’s goal is to work in pediatrics. “I have a big heart for kids,” she said.

While Deseriee knows that her degree is going to make a big difference in her career, she feels that it’s just the first of many opportunities that will now be available to her daughter. “She’s so young; she can do so many things with her life,” she encouraged. “She can do the [medical assisting] program, and then go into nursing, and then go on to get a BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing), said Deseriee.  “She can go on and become a PA (physician assistant) or anything. She can do it.”

Deseriee Riddle (left), and her daughter, Amanda Jones (right), are both students in the medical assisting program at the Pikeville Campus.

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