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Mother Enrolls At National While Visiting the Campus with Her Daughter

Dec 16, 2014

Brittany Miracle and her mother, Kimberly Miracle, are both preparing for careers as medical assistants at the Danville, Kentucky Campus. Brittany came to American National University after it was recommended to her by several friends. When Brittany enrolled, Kimberly came along to show her support, and after hearing about all that the school had to offer, Kimberly decided to enroll, as well.

“It’s something that I’ve always been interested in,” said Brittany of the medical field. Her favorite classes are anatomy and physiology and pharmacology. “The teachers that I have—Ms. Jennifer Lyon and Ms. Stephanie Slone—are awesome,” she shared. “Not only do they explain it in terms that everybody’s going to understand, they make the class upbeat and exciting.”

Kimberly looks forward to finding a stable career that will allow her to support her grandchildren who are in her care. “I need to take care of them and take care of my own household instead of depending on somebody else,” she explained.

“If I can get into a job, and enjoy my day, and help somebody, then I’m good,” added Brittany.

Kimberly Miracle (L) enrolled at American National University while visiting the Danville, Kentucky Campus with her daughter, Brittany Miracle (R).

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