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Mother, Daughter, and Friend Enroll Together With the Same Career Goal

Jul 21, 2014

Lakita Walker, Tameka Mitchell, and Cynthia Walker all enrolled in the medical assisting program at the Dayton Area Campus this term.  Tameka, who had attended American National University before, feels very strongly about her commitment.  She believes in the school so much that she helped guide her good friend Lakita and Lakita’s mom, Cynthia, into moving from the community college where they were attending to joining her, where they could actually see a career light at the end of the tunnel.  “I like the environment at American National University,” said Tameka.  “The staff, the teachers, [and] the setting is welcoming.  I feel comfortable and safe [here] and I know Lakita and Cynthia will too.”  

Cynthia said that her daughter and Tameka have been an encouragement to her. “I have put off taking care of myself for so long…raising kids, then grandkids, now it is time to take care of me,” said Cynthia. "I want to continue my education, complete my associate’s degree and get a career that will allow me to hopefully help someone.  I want to give back [and] help someone in need.  I have been blessed, and this will be my proudest accomplishment.”

When Lakita learned that National’s primary focus is to ensure students work in their field she knew it was for her.  “I need a career, I need more than the dead end jobs I have had in the past,” said Lakita. “My education at American National University will allow me to take care of myself and my family.”

Pictured are Lakita Walker (l), Tameka Mitchell (center), and Cynthia Walker (Lakita’s Mom) who recently enrolled in the Dayton Area Campus's medical assisting degree program.

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