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Money and Credit Workshop Held On Campus

Jul 07, 2014

“So many successful athletes and celebrities are broke, even after making millions, because they just don’t know how to manage their money,” said Bob Abadie, an instructor at the Dayton Area Campus.  “Typically after students graduate from college, their income increases, but usually, so do their bills, with a nicer car and home.  So one of the keys to success and happiness is knowing how to manage your money and credit.”

Bob asked Don Schweitzer, Jr., of Day Air Credit Union to speak to students.  During the workshop, Mr. Schweitzer explained several keys to financial success, and he later answered individual questions on this vital topic.  Mr. Schweitzer showed the students how to set financial and career goals, because as he explained, “These are the engine that drives your financial success.”

Mr. Schweitzer examined how credit affects every part of one’s financial life, and he reviewed vital ways to establish and manage credit, including how to increase credit scores.

Mr. Schweitzer described the importance of finding a financial partner that will help you through your financial life. He later spent time teaching about saving for emergencies, wants, and unexpected expenses, and he finished by showing students and staff how to achieve financial independence.

After his presentation, several students mentioned that the information was exactly what they needed. 

Don Schweitzer, Jr., from Day Air Credit Union, spoke to students about managing their money and credit.

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