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Mirjana Ilijevski—Director of Health Care Education —Stark County Campus

Mar 24, 2014

Mirjana Ilijevski—Director of Health Care Education —Stark County Campus

• Director of Health Care Education
• Instructor of courses in medical assisting, medical office specialist, medical office assistant, health information management, and pharmacy technician programs
• Nationally Registered Certified Medical Assistant (NRCMA)

• American National University faculty member since 2013
• Has obtained more than 15 years of health care experience and 8 years of teaching experience

• Holds a bachelor’s degree in biology from Kent State University/Pre-med
• Gained medical assisting experience at Mercy and Autumn Hospitals, OMNI orthopedics, and various physicians’ offices

“My medical background helps very much when I teach, not only can I talk and lecture on a topic, but I’m able to offer personal experiences too, especially in the clinical courses.

“Teaching, for me, is a 24-hour job. You don’t stop when the class is over.  You stay up-to-date with the material you teach, you look for better ways to do it, and you help the students outside of class.

“I admire the dedication of my students.  They come in after a long day at work or they go to an 8-10 hour job after class, and they still want to learn.  I appreciate their excitement when they walk in the lab knowing that they will do hands-on work and learn new things.

“One of my favorite teaching moments is when we go on a field trip and the students recognize what’s on an x-ray or they can read and understand a report or what a doctor is describing. That’s how I know I did my job.”

Students Krystal Neff, Ellen Hattery, Cameron Autery, and Kala Jovingo stand with director of health care education Mirjana Ilijevski (far right).

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