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Mike Sutton – Student Services Representative – Danville, Kentucky

Feb 16, 2015


Mike Sutton – Difference Maker at the Danville, Kentucky Campus


Student Services Representative


American National University staff member for 8 years

Has several years of real estate and management experience; has been a business owner for seven years; and has served on the Lancaster City Council for four years

Recipient of American National University’s Alumni Hall of Achievement Award in 2010


Graduated from American National University with an associate’s degree, double-majoring in business administration- management and business administration- accounting


“Many of our students work and have a family and still put forth the continued effort to better their lives and their families’ lives by obtaining their education. They are hard-working and eager to learn. Our students are outstanding individuals; I consider myself lucky to be a part of their lives.

“From the first time a new student comes in to see me for assistance with their financial aid, I do everything in my power to make them feel comfortable and welcome at our campus. I work very hard to earn their trust and make sure they know that they can always come to me with any issue. If it isn’t in my realm of responsibility, I will walk them to the right person myself and make sure they are taken care of. All through their time here with us I work with them, answering any questions and helping with any concerns they may have. Even after graduation, I often have students come back to ask questions about student loans and consolidation, and I am happy to help.

“My favorite moments as a American National University staff member are graduation and seeing our students working in their chosen field of study. Their success means that we have succeeded.”

Student services representative Mike Sutton is a Difference Maker at the Danville, Kentucky Campus.

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