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Medical Training Gives Graduate’s Career a Turn for the Better

Medical Training Gives Graduate’s Career a Turn for the Better

Apr 08, 2014

After losing two good jobs due to the downturn in the economy, Mary Parrett discovered that the college degree that she’d considered pursuing in the past had become a necessity.  “I found myself working in a convenience store at the age of 50, and I realized that’s not where I wanted to be in my life,” she recalled.  “All my life I had worked very physical jobs, but I knew that I had to make a change, so I decided to go back to school.”

After earning her associate’s degree in medical assisting at the Richmond Campus, Mary was hired to work as a registered medical assistant at Weigh Better Weight Loss Clinic where she enjoys helping her patients reach their weight loss goals. “It’s almost like a celebration every day when they come in here,” she explained. “We see patients that have struggled, and all of a sudden they drop this huge amount of weight.”

As part of her program at American National University, she was trained to work in both the administrative and the clinical sides of the practice, and all of these skills are put to use each day. “They have enabled me to use what I’ve learned,” she said.

Drawing blood is one of her favorite duties, and she also keeps patients’ records up-to-date in the office’s computer system.  While she is proficient with technology today, she knew little about using a computer before coming to National.  “It was so new to me,” she said of the computer software that she was taught to use during her program.  “All of my instructors were so willing to go that extra mile and help me.”

Mary continues to grow in her knowledge of the medical field as she works side-by-side with the nurse practitioner who operates the clinic and the other nurses on the staff. “I feel like a sponge here,” she said. “There’s so much knowledge and I can just absorb it all.”

She’s amazed at the change in direction that her career has taken, thanks to her education at National. “It was such a transformation for me….a complete 360 in my life,” Mary said. “I can see how far I’ve come, and I feel good about me now.”

Medical assisting graduate Mary Parrett performs both clinical and administrative tasks in her work as a registered medical assistant at Weigh Better Weight Loss Clinic.

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