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Medical Students Tour Medical Center

Jul 21, 2014

Medical assisting and phlebotomy students from the Pikeville campus recently visited the Pikeville Medical Center for a tour of the facilities.  

Steven Goff, a phlebotomy supervisor, guided the students on a tour of the pathology and laboratory departments.  Mr. Goff is one of the shift supervisors who oversee the daily operations of these labs.  During the tour, the students were instructed in great detail about the different machines and tests that were available in the hospital.  

In the pathology lab, students were able to see different specimens, including an appendix and a uterus that had cancerous tumors.  

Wilma Storey, director of health care education said, “The experience was beneficial to the students to actually see the test performed rather than being lectured on the procedures.”

Medical students from the Pikeville Campus are pictured during their recent field trip to the Pikeville Medical Center.

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