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Medical Students Interact with Older Residents of Local Apartment Complex

Apr 28, 2014

Recently the evening Invasive Clinical Procedures class at the Louisville Campus visited Sacred Heart Village, a local apartment complex for seniors.  Under the supervision of Bonnie Kiefer, director of health care education, the students performed glucose, cholesterol screening and pulse oximeter tests for the residents. In addition, the students brought treats and visited with the senior citizens.  Bonnie noted that besides giving her students hands on experience with the screenings, the trip gives students experience in dealing with the elderly.  The senior citizens are able to interact with the students.  Many of the residents do not have regular visits from friends or family.

“The ladies and gentlemen were a joy in allowing us to have some sort of practice,” said student Ebone’e Hood.  “I am very grateful.”  Ebone’e has already completed medical billing and coding courses and is currently enrolled in Bonnie’s Clinical Medical Assisting and Invasive Procedures classes.

Ebone’e’s classmate, Toni Sullivan, said, “My experience at the retirement home has given me a better outlook on life and the many different experiences that may come.”  Toni is well on her way to her associate’s degree in medical assisting, having enrolled last July.

Instructor Bonnie Kiefer, center, is pictured with students (left to right) Ebone’e Hood, Toni Sullivan, Autumn Busch and Chantoia Jones.

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