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Medical Students Encouraged to Set Example for Patients

Mar 31, 2015

Recently, representatives from Sanford Health came to National College in Knoxville to address the health care students regarding nutrition. Certified profile coach Donna Taylor and registered dietician Kelly Ihen provided an overview of Sanford Health products and services, including Profile by Sanford, a comprehensive weight management program designed by Sanford Health physicians and scientists focusing on nutritional classes, meal replacements, psychological evaluation and support, and exercise options. 

Ms. Taylor stressed the importance for health care professionals to practice good nutrition decisions and maintain a healthy appearance for their work environment. “It is important to project to your patients a healthy lifestyle so that they understand the importance of good choices and follow your example,” she explained.

Upcoming medical assisting graduate Crystal Muncey appreciated the speakers’ valuable advice. “This was a very informative presentation. At first I was just thinking of some of my family members who could use [these resources] to lose weight; then I realized that it is a part of our professional appearance,” she said. “Obesity is such a big problem and causes so many other problems. I can’t exactly tell someone to lose weight if I’m overweight. Good things to keep in mind!”

Certified profile coach Donna Taylor (left) and registered dietician Kelly Ihen (right) speak to medical students about the importance of practicing good nutrition decisions.

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