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Medical Assisting Student Is Hired During Externship

Mar 10, 2014

When Jennifer Short began an externship with Baptist Health Advanced Orthopaedics as part of her medical assisting program at the Richmond Campus, she was nervous to be working side-by-side with seasoned medical professionals.  “They threw me right in, and by the second week I was pretty much on my own,” she recalled.

But over several weeks of working in the office, Jennifer had an opportunity to demonstrate her clinical skills and caring nature to the staff, and near the end of the externship she was offered a job with the practice as a registered medical assistant.  “I was so excited.  It made my day,” said Jennifer with a smile.  “I love the girls that work here and the doctor is awesome.”

A career in the medical field has always been a dream of Jennifer’s.  After being a stay-at-home mom for 18 years, she decided to go back to school to make that dream a reality.  “I wanted to do something that I’d enjoy, and I’ve always been interested in the medical field,” said Jennifer.  “I just like helping people and knowing that you make a difference in somebody’s life.”

A friend recommended that Jennifer visit American National University, and she said that she chose the college over several others in her area because of the small class size which allowed for one-on-one attention  from her instructors.  “Any question that you have, they are always there to answer it,” said Jennifer.  “It was a good experience and I miss it.”

The medical field seems to be a natural fit for Jennifer.  “I really love getting up and coming to work,” she said, adding that her patients often tell her that she makes their day better with her infectious smile.

She feels that her education at American National University has set her on the right course for a career that she can count on for many years to come.  “It gave me job stability,” Jennifer explained.  “Because the job that I chose, there’s always going to be a need for it.”

Scheduling and checking patients in are just a few of Jennifer Short’s duties in her work as a registered medical assistant at Baptist Health Advanced Orthopaedics.

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