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Medical Assisting Student Has Sights Firmly Set on Career Goals

Apr 07, 2015

Alexandra Wyatt's educational journey began with a series of goals. She had a goal of doing something more with her life and career. She had a goal of being successful for her kids. She had a goal to work in health care, where she could make a difference in peoples' lives.

Alexandra chose American National University's Fort Wayne Campus to help her achieve her goals, but education is a two-way street. All of Alexandra's instructors and campus staff have played a part in helping her work toward her ultimate goal of becoming a medical assistant, by giving her the tools and resources and teaching her how to use them. However, it was up to Alexandra to put the required work into actually learning the information and gaining the skills needed to get there. 

She recently had the opportunity to prove her commitment to her goals and use some of the skills that she learned in the campus medical lab in a real-world situation. Alexandra volunteered to help director of health care education Kimberly Leyman take vital signs for community members at the Fort Wayne Home & Garden Show, where American National University had set up an information booth. 

Alexandra appreciated the learning opportunity National provided for her to get real hands-on experience working with the public and enjoyed how much fun it was to talk to all the different people who attended the event. 

“Alexandra shows great enthusiasm for the hands-on and patient interaction of this class; she is resourceful in her application of all the classroom techniques,” said her medical assisting instructor, Dr. Vanessa Akins-White. “These characteristics will serve her well as she moves out into the ‘real world’ of health care.”

Alexandra Wyatt gets experience beyond the classroom to prepare for her career as a medical assistant.

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