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Medical Assisting Student Combines Managerial Experience and Class Projects

Feb 11, 2014

Medical assisting student Bobbie Bitter has been able to use the skills that she has acquired at the Florence Campus to enhance her current career and her goal of becoming a medical assistant.  Bobbie stated that taking classes at National has given her a “can-do” attitude that has resulted in her being promoted to assistant general manager at Bob Evans Restaurant and excelling in her written and oral communication skills.

Bobbie has been able to combine her experience as an assistant general manager in the restaurant business with her class projects. Bobbie recently delivered a presentation on food safety in which she outlined the steps to follow to ensure that food safety standards are being met.  She discussed the health risks of cross-contamination, and how restaurants can avoid having this occur.  By combining her restaurant experience, her medical knowledge, and her strong oral communication skills, Bobbie provided the students with important information for them as students and consumers.

Bobbie said, “Just being here at American National University makes my day better.”  I have never done anything in my life that has made me as proud as attending National.”

Medical assisting student Bobbie Bitter presented a speech on food safety to other students. 

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