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Medical Assisting Graduate Transitions Into a Career in Financial Planning

Jun 23, 2014

After working as a certified nursing assistant for many years, Nilla Hill came to the Lexington Campus and enrolled in the medical assisting program to help ensure a more secure future for her child.  But after earning her associate’s degree and working as a registered medical assistant for many years, she grew tired of the clinical side of the medical field, and returned to American National University to earn her bachelor’s degree in business administration-management.

At first, she intended to use her management degree in a medical setting such as a nursing home, but after learning more about finance and money management during her classes, she became interested in working in financial planning.

She’s now working as a senior sales representative for Primerica, where she advises her clients on insurance options, debt reduction and saving for retirement.  She’s licensed to sell life insurance and plans to take the exam for her securities license which will allow her to make investments for her clients.

“I’m my own boss,” she explained, adding that she loves the challenges and independence that her job offers.  After just a year with the company, she now manages a team of twelve representatives, providing them with the leadership that they need to take their own careers to the next level.

Nilla is enjoying her work with Primerica, especially traveling to conventions and seminars across the country, where she has the opportunity to learn from others who’ve found great success in their careers.  She hopes to continue to advance in the company and to give back to her community.  “My goal with Primerica is to be a regional vice president,” she said. “I feel great about my future.”

PHOTO-A- Graduate Nilla Hill transitioned from her medical career into a career in financial services after earning her bachelor's degree in business administration-management at the Lexington Campus.

PHOTO-B- Nilla Hill (back row right) is shown with other Primerica representatives who recently participated in the Lexington Campus career fair.

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