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Medical Assisting Graduate Returns to Campus to Encourage Current Students

Dec 09, 2014

To provide a source of inspiration for her current medical assisting students, South Bend Campus director of health care education Renee Neldon invited her former student and successful medical assistant LeToya Bradshaw to speak to her Medical Terminology and Support class. LeToya shared with the class how her six months as a medical assistant had been going, from being hired as a floater because of her outstanding performance at her externship site, then being chosen by a top physician for a permanent position at his practice, followed by two subsequent promotions. 

When asked by the class how she achieved this success so quickly, LeToya responded, “By being so well-prepared by Ms. Neldon in my clinical skills, staying focused on my courses, never being allowed to give up, and being told to reach for my potential.” She further elaborated that she went into her externship knowing to ask questions when she did not know what to do. 

“It’s non-stop, with wonderful patients of all ages from new [babies] to 98 [year olds],” explained LeToya of her typical day as a medical assistant, where she performs such tasks as preparing patients for the doctor by taking vitals, seeing to the completion of EKG’s and urinalysis tests when required, and refilling prescriptions for the doctor to sign. 

LeToya left the class of future medical assistants with a few helpful suggestions: know your instruments, keep a notebook with you at all times, document everything, and continue learning.  

Director of health care education Renee Neldon (L) invited her former student and medical assisting graduate LeToya Bradshaw to speak to her class.

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