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Medical Assisting Graduate Proves to Be Invaluable to Her Employer

Jun 09, 2014

Tareana Butler graduated from the Youngstown Campus in February with an associate’s degree in medical assisting.  She is now the medical record clerk at Turning Point Counseling Services.  Turning Point Counseling helps to provide integrated behavioral health care and individualized treatment plans to the people and families of the Mahoning Valley in Ohio.

Tareana first arrived at Turning Point through a temporary employment agency for what was only supposed to be a 2-3 week assignment.  She was hired to organize all of the medical records on site and create a new system for filing them within regulations.  After three weeks, Turning Point decided to hire her as a full-time employee in February of this year.  “I love the nine to five work day,” explained Tareana. 

In her new position, Tareana currently handles about 4,500 open cases.  She elaborated on her duties and described the magnitude of the records she deals with.  “If it wasn’t for American National University, I would be lost in my own record department,” said Tareana.  While she works almost strictly in administrative areas, sometimes she is called upon to assist patients using her clinical knowledge as well.  As a medical assistant, the versatile skills she learned in training allow her to perform a wide range of duties in any medical environment.

Pam Recknor has been a nurse at Turning Point since 1985, and had nothing but great things to say about Tareana.  “It’s like she has always been here,” described Pam.  Ryan Bissett, admissions representative at the Youngstown Campus said, “We at American National University recognize the hard work and time Tareana has dedicated to her new career, and are glad to see her using her skills to improve the lives of those who live in her community.”

Graduate Tareana Butler (l)), and Pam Recknor, a nurse at Turning Point Counseling Services in Youngstown, Ohio (r).

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