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Medical Assistant Finds her Skills are in Demand

Mar 03, 2015

Brittney Wainscott has transitioned from a minimum wage job at a daycare into a career working as a registered medical assistant (RMA) at Georgetown Urgent Care after graduating from the medical assisting program at the Danville, Kentucky Campus.

“I thought it was just RNs that were important; I didn’t realize what a big demand there is for medical assistants,” said Brittney, who works in both the administrative and clinical sides of the practice. Scheduling appointments, checking in patients, taking vitals, giving injections, and assisting with procedures are just a few of the many duties that she performs. “You never know what type of injury or illness is going to come through,” she explained.

Brittney advises others to be disciplined and determined if they’d like a career of their own in the medical field. “Your attitude really does matter, so that’s really important,” she said. “As a person, I’ve grown and matured; it’s helped my confidence a lot. If I hadn’t gone to National, I probably still would be working a minimum wage job.”

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Registed medical assistant (RMA) Brittney Wainscott works in both the clinical and administrative sides of the practice at Georgetown Urgent Care.

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