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Medical Assistant Continues Education in Medical Billing and Coding Program

Mar 03, 2015

Kayla Lester loves the challenges that she faces as a health care professional. After earning her degree in the medical assisting program at the Pikeville Campus, Kayla is working as a registered medical assistant in Dr. Charles Lowe’s office, where her duties include giving allergy injections and drawing blood.  

When Kayla first entered the medical assisting program, she had a fear of blood and needles, but with the help and encouragement of director of health care education Wilma Storey she overcame her fears. She finds it ironic that her biggest fear has now become part of her daily routine.  

While a student at National, Kayla was placed with a medical coder during her externship at Pikeville Medical Cancer Center and developed an interest in the process. This led her to immediately re-enroll at National in the medical billing and coding program. “Billing and coding takes time and strategy,” she explained. “Coding can take different routes but always leads back to one code.”

The decision to re-enroll turned out to be instrumental in establishing her career. During her interview process at Dr. Lowe’s office, Kayla informed them she was taking the additional program to further her education, and she was offered the position based on her desire to be cross trained. Kayla is excited for her future and plans on obtaining all the certifications necessary to be the best healthcare professional she can be.  

Pikeville Campus graduate Kayla Lester, who is working as a registered medical assistant, returned to American National University to continue her education in the medical billing and coding program.

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