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Louisville Campus Celebrates Students' New Status as College Graduates

Feb 24, 2015

Louisville Campus students who completed their program in the winter term recently gathered with family and friends to celebrate their new status as college graduates. Students in the medical programs also participated in a medical pinning ceremony and recited medical oaths.

For many of the students, the ceremony also celebrated their transition into new jobs using the skills that they’ve gained at American National University. Graduate Autumn Busch, who received her medical assisting pin, celebrated her new job working as a registered medical assistant at Bullitt County Family Practitioners. She was hired by Dr. Mohana Arla, who operates the medical practice, after completing her externship in the office. Bullitt County Family Practitioners was recognized as a Distinguished Community Employer by the Louisville Campus in 2013 because of their ongoing support in providing externships and employment opportunities to American National University students.

“I’m excited; it feels so real now,” Autumn said after receiving her pin during the ceremony.  Autumn and the other graduates of the winter term will also be participating in the campus’s annual commencement ceremony in the spring.

A- Medical assisting graduate Autumn Busch (right) is shown receiving her medical pin from director of health care education Bonnie Kiefer during the graduation celebration at the Louisville Campus.

B- Students in the pharmacy technician program and their instructor, Theresa Collins, are shown taking their oath as it is recited by director of health care education Bonnie Kiefer.

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