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Local Radio Personality Encourages Students

Feb 16, 2015

Students in the Lexington Campus’s radio and television broadcasting program had a very special visitor recently -- long-time radio personality and local broadcasting icon Jay Alexander. Mr. Alexander has been an on-air personality in the Lexington area for nearly twenty years and is a legend in the industry. He has worked with a couple of the region’s top broadcasting companies, where he has anchored weather, traffic reporting, talk-radio, and also worked in broadcasting management. He is currently the program/music director for 107.9 The Beat, which is one of the top-rated channels in the Lexington region.

“I had to start from the bottom and work my way up,” Mr. Alexander shared. “I began my career in a small, southern station and worked my way into that region’s top stations. I had to educate myself along the way.” 

Mr. Alexander and radio and television broadcasting program chair William Gray are friends who have both worked in many facets of the broadcasting industry, gaining tremendous knowledge and experience they are able to share with American National University students as they prepare for careers in the broadcasting arena. 

“I love having an opportunity to visit American National University and meet with the students,” said Mr. Alexander. “They are the talent of the future, and their passion will take them as far as they choose.” His advice to the students was clear. “It’s all about confidence, determination, dedication, and being in the right place at the right time,” he explained. “Education and experience will help put you in that right place – so be patient and take control of your career!” 

(Front Row - Left to Right) Jeremiah Mitchell, program chair William Gray; (Back Row - Left to Right) Joye Christopher, Alonzo Haskins, Katherene Jackson, Jay Alexander, William Redd, and Cameron Butts.

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