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Lexington Family Works as a Team to Achieve their Goals

Feb 09, 2015

Lexington Campus student Sierra Domingo is proving how excellent teamwork and time-management skills are allowing her to raise a family while attending college full-time. Sierra and her husband, Braulio, are sharing the duties of raising their 1-year old daughter and 2-month old son so she can complete her medical assisting degree. 

“My husband is completely supportive of my attending college full-time and has arranged his schedule so he can care for our children while I attend my classes,” she explained. “We are doing this together – taking turns with the children and our other responsibilities. I want to be a good role model for my children – proving anything is possible if you try.” 

Sierra’s first career aspiration in high school was to become a veterinarian, but she learned the training would be longer than she had hoped. After looking into various other medical career options, she chose medical assisting and began researching colleges online. “I chose National, and it’s been a great choice for my college education,” said Sierra. “Everyone here at National has been so helpful and supportive - everyone is cheering me on as I go through my training. I love my clinical classes. The hands-on training is terrific.”

Sierra doesn’t plan to stop learning after obtaining her medical assisting degree. “I want to pursue additional training - possibly surgical technology as a second degree,” she explained. “I want to work in pediatrics. Helping families keep their children healthy and happy would be an exciting career!”

Medical assisting student Sierra Domingo and her husband have worked out a schedule that allows them to raise their two children together while she attends classes full-time.

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