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Justin Abraham – Student Services Representative – Madison Campus

Mar 27, 2015


Justin Abraham – Difference Maker at the Madison Campus


Student Services Representative


National College staff member since 2014


Graduate of Middle Tennessee State University

Extensive background in higher education, customer service, and experience as an administrative assistant


“I admire the drive and determination of National College students. Many of our students have families to take care of or a job that they have to work while attending school. These aren’t easy tasks to do while attending school, so seeing these students continue to put forth the effort to better their lives and their families’ lives by obtaining their education is truly remarkable to me.

“From the first time I come in contact with a student to explain the financial aid process, I make sure that I’m as thorough as possible and that they feel comfortable with the process. I then make sure to try and create a connection with the student and let them know that they can come to me with any issues and I’ll try my best to correct the issue or get them in contact with someone who can.

“My favorite moments at National are continuous. Each term there are students who throughout the term may come to me concerned about a class being too hard for them or they believe that they’re not going to make it through it. I always make sure to constantly motivate them and ask how things are going when I see them. When those students come back and tell me how well they did in a class or on a test, that makes me excited for them.”

Recently, student Ashley Thompson was assigned to complete a project for her Oral Communications class recognizing someone she was thankful for and appreciated. On the morning of her speech, she stopped by Justin’s office and asked if he could come to her class. When Ashley’s turn came, she began her speech and expressed her thankfulness for Justin’s friendliness, encouragement, and willingness to help whenever she had an issue. She then presented him with a certificate of appreciation for all he does for the Madison Campus students. “I had no clue what was going on; I was very surprised and honored,” said Justin. “I display the certificate proudly on the wall in my office.”

Student Ashley Thompson (right) presented a certificate of appreciation to student services representative Justin Abraham (left), a Difference Maker at the Madison Campus.

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