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International Student Enrolls in Cybersecurity Program to Fulfill Dream

Jun 16, 2014

Originally from the Philippines, Lydia Graser dreamed of going to college when she moved to the United States.  Before she met her current husband, a veteran of the United States Air Force, she became a widow when she was only 23 years old.  Being a single mom never afforded her the opportunity to consider higher education.  “I always wanted my children to have an education so they didn’t have to experience what I did when I was younger,” said Lydia.

Now that her children are grown and she has settled with her husband in Nashville, she is ready to pursue her career goals.  Even though she has some experience working in the medical field as a nursing aide, she chose the cybersecurity program at the Nashville Campus because she has always been interested in the information technology field.  “I think it’s a challenge but I enjoy it,” Lydia said, describing how technology fascinates her.

In addition to enjoying the challenge of her program, she also values the friendships she has made at the campus.  “All my classmates have become my friends,” she said.  “People here have become family.”

When she graduates in September, 2015, Lydia hopes to find a job at the Nissan manufacturing plant located in Franklin, Tennessee.

A-Student Lydia Graser is from the Philippines and is studying cybersecurity at the Nashville Campus.

B-Student Lydia Graser’s children are now grown, so she is focusing on her career goals and has chosen the field of cybersecurity.

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