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IT Students Put Skills to Work on Campus

Jul 07, 2014

Network administration and cybersecurity students at the Florence Campus got a chance to practice skills that they learned in their CompTIA A+ class when the campus’s uninterruptable power supply (UPS) went out. 

The UPS is a device that supplies emergency power to a load when the input power source fails.  All of the campus’s networking equipment used this device, so when it failed, the equipment was moved to the IT classroom’s UPS as a temporary measure.

Once the new device was received, the students and their instructor, Mamadou Sidibe, replaced the new UPS in the network rack and reconnected the campus equipment back to the original network rack.

“While it was an unfortunate event to happen to the campus, the students benefited by acting as IT technicians to replace the equipment,” said IT program director Valerie Bowman.

Student Brady Stacks, instructor Mamadou Sidibe and student Jerry Holifield put their IT skills to use when they replaced a UPS device at the Florence Campus.

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