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Husband and Wife Earn Health Information Management Degrees at the Louisville Campus

Jul 07, 2014

The Louisville Campus commencement ceremony truly was a family affair for Holly Hall and her husband, Kenyon Hall, who participated together in the ceremony after they both earned associate’s degrees in health information management (HIM) at American National University. “It’s an accomplishment,” said Holly. “It was kind of neat for us both to be there.”

Kenyon earned a diploma in the technical support program at National in 2010, and then became interested in the medical field, so he returned to continue his education in the HIM program.  Holly, a certified professional coder who works for Norton Healthcare, also decided that a degree in HIM would be valuable to her career, and she soon joined him in the program.

After earning her degree and becoming a registered health information technician (RHIT), Holly recently received a promotion to coding educator at Norton.  “My HIM helped me be more confident and decide to reach out for it,” said Holly. “I think it’s going to give me more opportunities to broaden my experience.”

Kenyon, who also works for Norton Healthcare, feels that he will be able to advance within the company as well, thanks to his new degree.

Graduates Holly and Kenyon Hall, a married couple, both recently graduated from the Louisville Campus with associate’s degrees in health information management (HIM). 

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