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Human Resources Manager Offers Résumé Writing and Interviewing Tips

Nov 10, 2014

Kari Barnes, a human resources manager with Click IT Staffing, recently visited the Louisville Campus to present a job readiness workshop. The first of a two-part series, the workshop covered résumé writing and interviewing skills.

Ms. Barnes has recruited for a number of industries, and she currently focuses on the information technology field. “You name it and I’ve recruited for it, so you’ll have the insider’s scoop on what recruiters are looking for,” she stated at the workshop.

Ms. Barnes stressed that the main purpose of a résumé is to get an interview.  “You should identify what you have to offer.  You want to explain contributions that you can make to any company,” she explained.  She encouraged the seminar participants to limit their résumés to one page, and to use buzz words, such as “organizational skills,” “problem solving,” “bi-lingual,” and “proficient in Microsoft Office Suite.”

For employment interviews, Ms. Barnes suggested practicing answers to common questions to help alleviate nerves.  She also suggested that job-seekers research the company in advance of the interview in order to speak intelligently about the work that they’ll be performing there.

All of the participants left the workshop with increased confidence and a new set of soft skills, which will help them present themselves in a very professional manner to any potential employer.

Kari Barnes (standing),  a human resources manager with Click IT Staffing, is shown discussing types of résumés during a Job Readiness workshop that was held by the Louisville Campus career center.

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