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Having it All: Mother of Five Gains Rewarding Medical Career

Feb 09, 2016

When Jennifer Kelso sent her youngest of five children off to school, she decided it was time for Mom to go to school, too.  At the recommendation of friends, she enrolled at the National College Bristol Campus, where she gained the education that she needed to transition from being a stay-at-home mom, to caring for other families as a medical assistant at Holston Medical Group (HMG) Family Medicine Sapling Grove.

“I love working for HMG. We’re very busy, but it makes the day go by fast,” said Jennifer, who has a wide variety of duties in the office—from giving breathing treatments and injections, to conducting electrocardiograms.“I like helping people when they’re sick, and then you see that you’ve made a difference.”

Although she confidently cares for her patients today, Jennifer wasn’t as self-assured when she enrolled at National. She soon found her children to be some of her biggest supporters, helping her study with flashcards and cheering her on throughout her program and into her career. “Even now, [they say] ‘Mom, you worked so hard.  Don’t give up.’ They were very behind it,” she recalled.

“I feel like I can do anything now.”

The staff and faculty at National were also always there for her, offering guidance and encouragement as she progressed from student to medical professional. “There’s more than just, ‘Here’s your homework, you have to take a test on Friday,’” Jennifer explained. “It’s smaller classes, and you become a family with the people who are there. They care about you, and your family, and your life.”

Her externship at HMG also boosted her confidence and led to her job offer from the practice. “The things that I learned during that time of being in the office, it was worth its weight in gold,” she stated. “It’s a great teaching office, because they never act like you’re a bother.  They’re just willing to help and teach and show you.”

After working at HMG for three years, Jennifer still finds her career very rewarding. “This is just where my heart was,” she shared.  She may eventually continue her education, possibly in a nursing program, and is confident that she will succeed in reaching whatever goals she sets for her career. “You get that base from National—studying, and becoming a good student, and a good employee—and then that transfers to other places. I feel like I can do anything now."

Photo-Bristol Campus graduate Jennifer Kelso is pictured on the job at Holston Medical Group Family Medicine Sapling Grove.

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