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Guest Speakers Provide Valuable Career Advice

Feb 03, 2014

Terri Davis-McCall, career center director of the Nashville Campus, invited Ericka Smith, resource development manager for Modis, an IT staffing company, and Rachel Campbell, human resource manager for NuScriptsRx, to speak to the students about preparing for an interview and making a great first impression.

Ms. Smith focused on dressing professionally and being prepared for interviewing by researching the company and job position before the interview.  Ms. Smith brought her expertise of working with local employers that are seeking to hire the best candidate when it comes to skills and professionalism.  Ms. Smith encouraged the students by saying, “Always present yourself in a professional manner, [ensure] your résumé is error free, and always, always consult the career center director about interviewing attire.  It’s okay to ask for positive feedback.”

Ms. Campbell stressed the importance of always having a professional attitude.  Rudeness is not acceptable because you never know who you are coming in contact with who will influence the person that makes the hiring decision.  Ms. Campbell said, “know [your] strengths and weaknesses when interviewing.  You want to convey your strengths to the interviewer and the flip side of that is knowing your weakness…admit you have faults and tell the interviewer what you’re doing to improve the weakness.”

The highlight of this workshop was that an ISE student, Philip Parker, walked away with an interview with Ms. Smith for an entry-level IT position.  Both Ericka and Rachel ended by encouraging the students to take their time and make sure they are prepared for an interview by researching the company and knowing what position they are seeking.  Also, they reiterated  to always be professional.

A-Management student, Malcolm Edmond, and Rachel Campbell, human resource manager for NuScriptsRx, at the Nashville Campus.

B-Erica Smith, resource development manager for Modis, one of the guest speakers at the Nashville Campus. 

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