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Guest Speaker Informs and Inspires Students

Apr 14, 2014

Tori Marshall, a registered nurse at St. Joseph Hospital, recently visited the Richmond Campus as a guest speaker for instructor Heather Randall’s Terminology of Body Support class.  Ms. Marshall, who works in labor and delivery at the hospital, discussed the many changes that a woman’s body goes through, both physically and emotionally, during pregnancy.

Tori also inspired the class when she discussed her own struggles with earning her degree while taking care of her family.  Tori completed nursing school while she was pregnant with her fourth child, who was born just prior to her finishing her program.

Medical assisting student Tracy Noe said that she enjoyed Ms. Marshall’s presentation.  “Tori was great!” she said.  “I relate to her in many ways, and hearing her story lets me know that I can do this, even when I am overwhelmed and don’t think I can.  If I keep going, it will all be worth it for me and my family.”

Tori Marshall, a registered nurse who works in labor and delivery at St. Joseph Hospital, is shown during her visit with students in the Terminology of Body Support class at the Richmond Campus.

tags: Medical: Nursing - Associate Degree (ADN)