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Graduates Flourish in New Careers at Holston Medical Group

Jun 08, 2012

Candace Gracia and Danielle Knight graduated from the medical assisting program at the Bristol Campus in 2006 and were hired shortly after that at the Holston Medical Group (HMG). For both of them, this was a significant change in career and the start to a new beginning. Prior to graduating from National College, Candace worked as an accounting clerk and then spent some time as a stay-at-home mom. When she was ready to return to school for training in a field that would let her fulfill her ambition of helping people hands-on, she chose National for the small class size and personal attention.

Danielle worked at a local factory before coming to National in search of an education that would help her get a better job. The campus’s convenient location and the medical assisting program fit what she was looking for, and she enrolled – successfully achieving her degree and landing a position as certified medical assistant (CMA) in Endocrinology at HMG.

“I love everything about my current job,” states Danielle, and she doesn’t see herself going anywhere in the next couple of years – she enjoys it so much. Candace also enjoys fulfilling her dream of making a difference in people’s lives in her position and sees herself carrying that dream on, “as long as my body and mind will allow me,” she says passionately. They encourage students who are pursuing their education at National to “Stay with it” (Danielle) and “Pay attention to your instructors – they know what they are talking about!” (Candace). We are proud of both of them and congratulate them both on their hard work and achievement!

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