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Graduate Uses National as a Springboard for her Medical Management Career

Sep 29, 2014

Northrice Pates of the Youngstown Campus found out about American National University just two years ago.  She had already received a degree in music entertainment management and a minor in psychology in her younger days.  She  spent 15 years in the health care industry as she  cared for various family members.  She is currently still taking care of one of them, and decided that she wanted to get a degree in the business side of the field, so she chose business administration-management. 

She took psychology at National again and said, “Now that I am older and wiser, something that I took for granted, may be an avenue for me to pursue things of self-discovery, talents, gifts or skills that I didn’t know I had that I would discover through several classes.  So for me, it has been a well-balanced kind of buffet of attributes and things that I am learning about myself…it’s like a treasure chest!”  An example of this is that National has resurrected her love for creative writing.  Northrice said that her English instructor encouraged her and that she is realized that “the gift was dormant and is still here…it was not a ‘fly by night’ thing in [her] 20’s.”  She added that it is something in her that can grow. 

Now that she has another education behind her, she knows that she wants to be a health care advocate and may possibly obtain a master’s degree in psychology.  She also hopes to eventually start her own music consulting firm and combine her love of music with psychology and business. 

In the future, Northrice sees herself as “very successful in this country and internationally.”  She sees herself, “As an advocate…wealthy to be able to help those who are disenfranchised – to be able to make a mark on the world – to create avenues for housing for patients with AIDS and caregivers.”  She would also like to be able to offer caregivers a place to “get away, get pampered, get recharged, get revived so that they can obtain balance,” said Northrice.  “I’ve been to the extremes and I kind of know.” 

Northrice added, “Anyone thinking about education, [should] really look at where you want to go, where you want to be. Plan it out, stategize it, just don’t pick a college to pick it. For me, American National University has just rebirthed, revived, restored a lot of things in my life personally.  I am glad that I made that choice in that respect, because I don’t think I would have gotten the same experience with [another] choice,” said Northrice.  “Make sure the institution you pick [is] really going to benefit you, not just in education but in your life as a whole.”

Northrice has been accepted into the health care management program at Mercy College.  She said that for her, American National University was, “a springboard and I am at a point where this springboard is going to propel me very high.” 

Northrice Pates, a graduate of the Youngstown Campus, recently chose to continue her education at Mercy College. 

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