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Graduate Turned Employee Believes in Giving Back

Aug 25, 2014

Like many students, Carla Cinkole’s journey from a prospective student to a double degree graduate wasn’t accomplished without the use of some valuable campus resources.  However, in her case, some of them even helped her through severe physical trauma.
Carla is currently the lead receptionist at the Cleveland Campus.  She enrolled in the health information technology program (HIT) in November, 2010 after recovering from the effects of a brain aneurysm earlier that year.  She switched from HIT to medical assisting within the first two terms and graduated in July of 2013. She added a diploma in medical office specialist this past March.
“The most significant thing was that I completed the program after all the doubts in the beginning,” Cinkole remembers. To add to the challenges, Carla suffered a stroke the week before final exams during her first term.  “I was determined to finish the term.  So I actually studied for my exams from my hospital bed.  There was nothing that was going to stop me from finishing that term.”

Through it all, she relied on dedicated instructors, supportive student peers and vocational opportunities.  She formed a strong bond with instructor Andrew Eade, the current director of health care education.  Andrew remembers how persistent and dedicated she was and he was inspired to give her all the help she needed.  Carla also served as a federal work study and peer tutor. “Forming a support system with the other students in my class seemed to benefit all of us.  We leaned on each other and the campus administration promoted that.”

Carla has also lived a life of service outside the classroom.  She has been on call at Hospice of the Western Reserve since September, 2011, providing respite care to dying patients.  She is very satisfied in her current position and how American National University helped her achieve it.

A-Carla Cinkole is a graduate of the medical assisting program.  She also holds a diploma in medical office specialist. 

B-Carla Cinkole graduated from the Cleveland Campus last month.  She volunteers at the Hospice of the Western Reserve.


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