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Graduate Transitions From Waitress to Chiropractic Assistant

Jun 23, 2014

In her work as a chiropractic assistant at McClellan Chiropractic Center, Jessica Wyrick’s days are busy as she conducts new patient consultations, performs ultrasounds and electrical stimulation therapy, and assists with scheduling and billing in the front office.

Jessica was hired by the practice after working there as an extern as part of her medical assisting program at the Richmond Campus.  She admitted that she’d never been to a chiropractor before she began working in the office, but after Dr. McClellan took her step-by-step through the adjustment process, she was soon working side-by-side with the rest of the staff.  “It was awesome.  It was hands-on from day one,” she recalled.

Interacting with her patients is her favorite part of her job.  “I love talking to them and asking how their day has gone.  You develop a really good relationship with them,” said Jessica.

She has had a desire to help others and work in the medical field since she was a child after she visited patients in the nursing home where her grandmother worked as a licensed practical nurse (LPN).
Jessica was working as a waitress, with two kids and a busy schedule, when she decided to return to school to pursue her dream of a career in health care.  She came to American National University at the recommendation of friends, and found it to be a good fit for her because of the personal attention that she received from her instructors.  “I wasn’t afraid to walk up to a teacher and say, ‘I need one-on-one,’” she recalled.

She also enjoyed the camaraderie that she shared with her fellow students as they took turns practicing phlebotomy and other clinical skills in preparation for their new careers.  “I loved drawing blood,” said Jessica. “It was a fun experience.”

After becoming certified as a registered medical assistant and earning her associate’s degree at National, Jessica has more self-confidence and feels that her family’s future is bright.  “I just wanted to provide better for them,” she said.  “It made me…realize that there are more opportunities out there than just waiting tables.”

A-Graduate Jessica Wyrick is working as a chiropractic assistant at McClellan Chiropractic Center in Richmond, Kentucky.

B-Graduate Jessica Wyrick has wanted to help others and work in the medical field since she was a child.  She earned her associate’s degree and became a registered medical assistant at the Richmond Campus. 

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