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Graduate Took Advantage of Retraining Resources to Maximize Career Success

Jan 20, 2014

When Jennifer Pendergraft lost her job of ten years, she decided to use the resources available to her to turn the challenge of unemployment into an opportunity to train for a rewarding new career.  With funding through the Trade Adjustment Act (TAA), which provides training to those who lose their jobs when work is sent overseas, she earned her pharmacy technician diploma at the Danville, Kentucky Campus and she is working as a certified pharmacy technician in the Walmart Pharmacy. 

“When I lost my job, I thought there wasn’t any hope.  Because it went overseas, I was able to come back [to school] with the trade act,” she explained. “I didn’t have to pay anything to go back to school. That was a really big help.”

Although Jennifer was nervous about coming back to school after being out for so many years, she committed herself to her program, and maintained a 4.0 grade point average and perfect attendance in her classes.
I really enjoyed coming here to school. They prepared me for what it is like to be a pharmacy tech,” she said. “They helped get me certified. There was a certification class my last semester that really helped prepare me for [the certification test]. It gives you the knowledge that you need to do the job.”

In addition, she took advantage of several features of her program at National which were available to help maximize her career success, including an externship in a local pharmacy, certification in her field, and the services of the career center.

Jennifer is thrilled with the career transition that she has been able to make thanks to the TAA funding and her program at American National University.  She loves working as a trusted member of the pharmacy team that helps to keep her family, friends, and others in her community healthy.  “It’s really kind of exciting to help them out,” she said of the service that she provides.  “A lot of them really appreciate it whenever you can answer their questions and get them the medicines they need.”

Graduate Jennifer Pendergraft is a certified pharmacy technician in the Walmart Pharmacy in Danville, Kentucky.

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