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Graduate Receives Prestigious Award

Apr 08, 2014

Samantha Burns graduated from the Lexington Campus with an associate’s degree in business administration–management in 2012.  She has been working for the Delta T. Corporation since she was a student and currently is the special projects-team leader.

Samantha’s dedication, perseverance, and devotion to her career recently earned her a commendation from The Senate of the Commonwealth of Kentucky which was a motion by Senator Alice Forgy Kerr. The award stated that Samantha graduated from American National University and earned an associate’s degree.  It also outlined the positions and duties that she has held at the Delta T. Corporation.  The award also states that she “has brought honor and pride to her family, school, and community by her achievements.”

“I absolutely love my job,” said Samantha.  It is fun, challenging, and is an awesome place to work.  The owner promotes a family approach to all our projects and we all share in the job duties and responsibilities.  He makes everyone in the company feel appreciated and like a family member.  American National University provided me with excellent instructors and a very similar family atmosphere and that training has helped me succeed in my career!  It has all fallen in place thanks to American National University.”

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Kimberly Thomasson (l), campus director with graduate and award recipient Samantha Burns (r).

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