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Graduate Promoted Before Finishing Entry Level Training

May 05, 2014

Mohamad Mojahed graduated from the Youngstown Campus in the fall of 2013 with an associate’s degree in information systems engineering.  Mohamad was hired at West Company in February of this year.  While training for an entry position at their company, West recognized the skills that Mohamad possessed.  Before finishing his entry level training, he was promoted to the next level of technical support.  Mohamad now works in the Offline Team Agent department as a subject matter expert for customer support.

The group is comprised of approximately 40 people who handle calls from transferred customers when their technical issues are too complicated for the general call staff.  They are part of a network of technical specialists who handle support for AT&T, dealing mostly with iPhone issues.

The interview process at West is a two part process where the employers evaluate a staff member and test their skills to determine if they are suitable to be a subject matter expert.  Kevin Harris, who conducts final interviews, explained that his part of the process involves the applicant giving feedback about the position, and instructs them to ask questions about the duties they will have.  “He asked all the right questions,” said Kevin.

Robert Johnson, information technology director at the Youngstown Campus, was glad to hear how well Mohamad fit into the position, and to see how much his employers appreciate his skills.  When asked how American National University prepared him for his career, Mohamad said, “American National University was like a job itself.”  He went on to explain how the professional attitude that National demanded from him made the transition to his field seamless.

This position is only the first step available for Mohamad in his career at West.  There are several promotions possible in his future with the company.

(l) to (r): Kevin Harris  of West Company; Graduate and new employee of West Company Mohamad Mojahed;  Robert Johnson IT director of the Youngstown Campus), and Alvin Mercer of West Company. 

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