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Graduate Loves Being at the Heart of Busy Medical Practice

Nov 10, 2014

As the office manager of Madison Family Clinic, Movetta Hall keeps the busy practice running smoothly and ensures that its patients receive superior care and customer service.  “I’m the core and the center.  I’m the heart of it,” Movetta said of her work.  “As far as the clinical part and the office—I’m watching over the entire thing.”

Many of the skills that Movetta uses to manage the office were acquired in her program at American National University.  She graduated from the Richmond Campus in 1999 from what was then known as the medical secretarial program, a program which has now been superseded by the medical office assistant and medical office professional programs.  After graduating, Movetta worked in the front office of a local practice for five years before she was hired to help open Madison Family Clinic in 2004.

Although she’s a successful medical professional today, returning to school wasn’t an easy step for her after working at home raising her family for many years.  “I was in my 40’s, and I thought, ‘Oh, it’s been a long time.  Can I do this?’ And [I decided] I [could] set my mind to do anything.”

She came to National at the recommendation of friends, and she feels that she made an excellent choice.  “I kept hearing a lot of good reviews about it,” Movetta said of National.  “I couldn’t have asked for any better. I wouldn’t be where I’m at if it wasn’t for coming to the College.  I’m where I’m at today because I devoted my time to coming here.”

In particular, Movetta feels that her hands-on training in the area of electronic medical records (EMR) has been essential to her career.  “That’s what got me to where I’m at,” she said.

Movetta and her family are very proud of her career accomplishments, and she plans to stay right where she is to continue to help others as a vital member of the Madison Family Clinic team.  “I’ve always loved working with people,” she explained.  “I’m really satisfied with what I’m doing and where I’m at.”

A-Richmond Campus graduate Movetta Hall helped open Madison Family Clinic in 2004.

B-As the office manager of Madison Family Clinic, Movetta Hall helps ensure that the clinical and administrative sides of the practice run smoothly.

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