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Graduate Is Continuing His Education in the Network Administration Program

Mar 10, 2014

Josh Mattingly, who just completed his associate’s degree program in information systems engineering (ISE), is continuing his education at the Lexington Campus in the new network administration bachelor’s degree program.

Josh said that he checked out several schools in his area that offered degrees in technology before choosing American National University.  “I got contacted by a few others, and National seemed to be the better fit,” he said, adding that program director Doug Camp was one reason that he chose National.  “Doug was a big draw because of all of the certifications he’s attained.  Just his level of focus on this program and his knowledge level was more than anything that I saw when I visited ITT Tech or Spencerian.”

He also felt it was important that many of his courses at National focused on obtaining certifications of his own. “I think it will be what sets me apart from ITT Tech and Spencerian graduates…”said Josh, who has obtained his Comp TIA A+ and Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) certifications while at National.

According to Certification Salary Survey 2013, the average salary for a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist is nearly $80,000.  (//

Josh likes the challenge that the field of information technology offers.  “I like IT because it’s always a challenge, no matter who brings you their computer, and no matter what situation you’re working on, you may have seen something similar, but it’s not the same,” said Josh. “The accelerated path has been very challenging…by the time I’m about to get bored, I’m on to something new.”

He hopes to find an entry level job in IT to gain experience while he’s in school. He’d ultimately like to work in network administration in a medium to large-sized company, or possibly for one of the hospitals in his area.  “I’m hoping that by continuing my education, I can achieve something greater than my associate’s [degree] would [have allowed] me, and I can use these two years while I’m working on my bachelor’s to have that entry level position that will get me propelled,” he said.

Lexington Campus ISE graduate Josh Mattingly is continuing his education in the network administration bachelor's degree program.

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