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Graduate Finds Support and Inspires Others

Apr 20, 2015

La’Shonda Martin has transitioned from working as a full-time mom to working as a full-time insurance specialist at American Homepatient after graduating from the medical assisting and medical billing and coding programs at the Nashville Campus.

La’Shonda made the decision to enroll at National College to create a better life for her family and to motivate others to do the same. “I wanted to set an example for my friends and family to go to college and get more education,” she recalled. “That’s basically the only way to better yourself; there’s no other way.”

While inspiring others in her circle, La’Shonda found support of her own from the staff and faculty at the Nashville Campus. “I really liked the family-oriented atmosphere,” she explained. “They help you stay goal oriented.”

After earning her degree and finding a stable career, La’Shonda feels that there will be many opportunities for advancement with American Homepatient, one of the largest home health care providers in the nation. “I was ready for this,” she said with a smile. “We have a better income, and the experience that I’m gaining here is really great. As long as you stay with it and have a goal in mind, you can get it done.”

Nashville Graduate La'Shonda Martin is working as an insurance specialist at American Homepatient.

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