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Graduate Finds Rewarding Career Helping Others Reclaim Their Lives

Graduate Finds Rewarding Career Helping Others Reclaim Their Lives

Aug 11, 2014

Graduate Melinda Hall is enjoying a rewarding career as an intake coordinator at SelfRefind, an addiction recovery clinic that helps its patients reclaim their lives. 

Melinda was hired at SelfRefind shortly before she graduated from her medical assisting program at the Pikeville Campus.  She earned a diploma in phlebotomy at American National University in 2011, and had worked as a phlebotomist for many years, when she decided she was ready to continue her education and take the next step in her career.  “I wanted something that gave me more flexibility, and actually a little more responsibility,” said Melinda of her decision to return to school.

Melinda prepares each patient for their visit with the doctor, taking their vital signs and gathering information about their progress.  Her greatest reward each day is seeing patients recover and return to their families and their jobs thanks to the help that they receive at the clinic.  “Seeing them make a makes it worth going to work,” she explained.

Melinda continues to take on additional responsibilities in the clinic.  She’s currently enrolled in the medical billing and coding program at National to help expand her skill set even further.  She plans to eventually earn her bachelor’s degree in health care administration through the American National University Online program.

“I feel a lot more stable…just in life in general,” Melinda said of the discipline and job opportunities that she’s gained through her education.  She encourages other students to explore the advantages that American National University has to offer.  “I would recommend that they come down and do a tour, and sit in on a class and see what it’s really like.  I’ve been to the ‘traditional’ school…so, I know the differences.  It’s a lot more close-knit here, because the classes are smaller.  You’re not just another face.  That’s what I like about it.”

Melinda Hall earned a phlebotomy degree at the Pikeville Campus then returned to continue her education in order to keep advancing in her career.

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