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Graduate Finds Job through Networking with Instructor

Graduate Finds Job through Networking with Instructor

Mar 10, 2014

While many American National University and American National University students have discovered the valuable educational benefits of instructors who are professionals in their field, Dayton Area Campus graduate Renee Collins found that her instructor was also a valuable networking contact when she gave her a recommendation which helped her land a job as a registered medical assistant at Kettering Family Practice.

Renee had just finished her associate’s degree program when Kettering Family Practice contacted the Dayton Area Campus career center director to find qualified applicants for the medical assistant opening in their office. 

Renee submitted her résumé for consideration for the position, and instructor Angie Williams, who has worked at Kettering Family Practice for more than 18 years, was familiar with Renee’s work ethic and skills after having her in class.  “I didn’t know that she was applying here, but when I found out I put in a good word for her because I know her,” Angie recalled, adding that the office has hired several American National University graduates.

In her work at Kettering Family Practice, Renee stays busy in both the administrative and clinical side of the medical office.  “I love everything about my job,” she said, adding that she loves building relationships with her patients and her co-workers.

She feels that her program at National, which included an externship and the exam to become certified as a registered medical assistant, gave her the foundation that she needed to succeed in her career.  “I loved everything about it,” said Renee.  “They gave us the tools that we needed to feel prepared.”

Renee reflected on her past and said that as a single mom, there were times when she worried that she might not be able to juggle the responsibilities of family life and school.  Renee said, “It takes some time to find your groove and find out what you need to do, but it’s so worth it.”  She feels fortunate to now be working in a career where she can spend nights at home with her son.  “[My education] gave me the skills I needed to make my situation for my family better, and it was fun,” said Renee.  “I had a great time doing it.”

A-Dayton Area Campus graduate Renee Collins feels that she was well prepared at American National University for her many duties working in the administrative and clinical sides of Kettering Family Practice as a registered medical assistant.

B-American National University instructor Angie Williams (center) is shown with American National University graduates Renee Collins (r) and Nadine Govan (l) who are working with her at Kettering Family Practice.

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