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Graduate Builds Successful Career on the Foundation of her Business Degree

Oct 07, 2014

After completing high school in a homeschool setting, Annastasia Jones was unsure what career field she would choose to study, but she was sure that she wasn’t interested in taking the many classes that weren’t relevant to her major that are required of freshmen at the local state universities. “I had just gotten out of high school and I was looking to further my education and pick what I wanted to do with my life,”Annastasia recalled.  “I was very career focused.  I just wanted to be able to find a college that would help me with that, and that’s exactly what National did.” 

Annastasia visited the Richmond Campus, where her admissions representative reviewed the programs available that would prepare her for a career in a high-demand field.  After careful consideration, she enrolled in the business administration-management program.  “They talked to me about the degrees that they offered and what jobs I could get with them.  That’s what helped me [decide] on getting my management degree,” Annastasia explained. “I liked the fact that I would have a broad range of what I could do with my degree, and what all I can utilize it with.”

After earning her associate’s degree at American National University in 2011, Annastasia was hired by FAB Steel, a structural and steel fabricating company, where she is working as a production assistant and safety coordinator. She has a variety of responsibilities in the company, including coordinating on-site safety inspections, holding safety meetings, and assisting with data entry and billing.  “Since I’ve been here, they’ve trained me to do a lot more things that I was able to base my degree on and build on,” she said.

In the future, Annastasia plans to continue her education and earn her bachelor’s degree.
“They helped me pick something that I could grow in..and [my degree is] giving me an opportunity to have a better life,” Annastasia said of her education at National. “They helped me expand my horizons and meet every goal that I had along the way.”

A-Annastasia Jones was career-focused and wanted to avoid the general education classes required at state universities when she enrolled at the Richmond Campus right out of high school.

B-Annastasai Jones was hired as a production assistant and safety coordinator at FAB Steel after earning her business administration-management degree at American National University.

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