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Graduate Achieves Excellence with the Goal of Becoming a CPA

Aug 11, 2014

Graduate Mindy Berger is working as an administrative secretary at LWS Certified Public Accountants in Dayton, Ohio.  She had previously attended college while she was a stay-at-home-mom but the responsibilities of life became too much for her to handle.  She put her dreams on hold and began a new chapter in her life.  She then enrolled at the Dayton Area Campus in the business administration-accounting program and began to work full-time in retail.  Over the next six months, she was able to purchase a vehicle and began to rent her own home.  Mindy said, “I utilized every resource I had to push myself through the hectic lifestyle of being a single mom, full-time student and a full-time worker.  Although it was a struggle, I made it.”

Mindy finished her degree last November at the top of her class with a 3.97 GPA.  She participated in the most recent graduation ceremony, and in addition to graduating with high honors, she received the Joseph E. Hurn award that is presented for high academic achievement in the accounting or business programs.  “I give full thanks to the people involved in my success, especially [instructor] Wil Morris, who [is] not only an amazing teacher but an extraordinary person,” said Mindy.  “Sometimes, it takes a wakeup call in life to find your full potential.  No matter the hardship that I endured, I am thankful for every moment of it; it truly made me the determined individual that I am today.”

The position that Mindy has is not only providing her with great experience but is also a job that she had dreamed of.  She now has the opportunity to involve herself in many of the aspects of accounting that she learned at American National University.  She plans to continue her education through online classes.  She wants to obtain a bachelor’s degree.  “I have had a love of numbers my entire life, but thanks to American National University, I now have a love for accounting as well,” said Mindy.  “My adventure in life has not been an easy one but it has been amazing.  I sit back, [reflect on] everything that I have accomplished and I am truly proud.  Discouragement is not an option.  Seek your true potential and you shall find it!”

A-Graduate Mindy Berger with Art Wagner, campus director.

B- Graduate Mindy Berger is working as an administrative secretary at LWS Certified Public Accountants in Dayton, Ohio

Currently, academic credit earned at American National University and American National University is creditable toward the education requirement for taking the CPA exam in Virginia and Ohio. Each state has its own requirements and students and prospective students are strongly advised to contact the Board of Accountancy in any state in which they may wish to become licensed as a CPA to determine whether that state will accept academic credit earned at a nationally accredited institution toward the education requirement for licensure in that state.

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