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From High School Student to Medical Team Member in Two Short Years

Aug 25, 2014

When Megan Locker enrolled in the medical assisting program at the Danville, Kentucky Campus she was looking for a program that she could complete quickly to find a career working in the heart of the action in the medical field.  A short two years later, she has almost completed her program, and she’s been hired from her externship at Lexington Urgent Care, where she’s an essential member of the busy medical team.

“I came [to National] straight out of high school,” she said. “I’ve always been really fond of the medical field, but I wanted to [work in a job] where I saw a lot of action, so I thought being an MA would be perfect.”

Megan found the medical assisting program at American National University to be a great learning experience for her.  “The teachers and instructors here are always willing to help.  They’re always willing to work one on one with you, and that’s what I like the most about it.”

In addition, Megan said that the campus’s director of health care education, Stephanie Slone, was a cheerleader and a role model for her as she prepared to begin her new career.  “Stephanie has been a big inspiration to me.  She’s given me passion about being an MA,” she explained. “Every time I draw blood, I hear Stephanie’s voice in my head, and it just helps me.”

Megan was placed at Lexington Urgent Care as an extern as part of her program at National. She found that she had all the skills that she needed to go right to work in the practice performing EKGs, running labs, taking vital signs, helping with sutures, and more. “I externed there for three or four weeks, and then I got a call saying that she wanted me as an employee,” she recalled with a smile.

Megan enjoys treating her patients who come to the clinic with a wide variety of illnesses and injuries, from the common cold to serious lacerations. “You name it--we’ve seen it walk through that door,” she said.

She has one suggestion for those who would like to find an exciting career of their own in the medical field.  “Come to National!” she advised.

Megan Locker, a graduate of the medical assisting program at the Danville, Kentucky Campus, was hired from her externship at Lexington Urgent Care.

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