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Family Members Share a Desire to Care for Others

Dec 09, 2014

Mark Hardin, a former general manager of an auto dealership, recently joined his step-daughter, Carrie Bentley, as a student in the nursing program at the Pikeville Campus. Although they are at very different points in their lives, both Carrie and Mark were drawn to the nursing program by its small class size, accelerated term schedule, and the opportunity to care for others.

Carrie enrolled at American National University after finding the large class size at a state university too impersonal. “I actually had a class that had 632 people in it; my entire high school had 498, so it was scary,” Carrie recalled. “You had to wait for hours to talk to somebody. It was really just not the experience for me.”

She also preferred the accelerated term schedule at National, which will allow her to complete her program quickly and get started in her career. “Here, you can get general education classes, nursing classes, everything in 22 months, so that was one of the deciding factors for National over a community college, because you can get done quite a bit faster.”

Mark agreed. “It’s a fast-paced environment, and the faculty and everybody are just great here,” he stated. “They get to know you as a person. You’re not a number like at a University of Kentucky or somewhere much larger. It’s a great experience,” he said.

Carrie and Mark look forward to using their nursing degrees to make a difference in others’ lives. “I think the biggest thing that you can do for a patient and a family is just to show them that you care – to display not only empathy but sympathy, and mean it,” said Mark.

“All of the medications in the world—they might prolong a life, but it’s the people that determine if it’s a good experience or a bad experience,” added Carrie.

A- Carrie Bentley (L) and her step-father, Mark Hardin, are both students in the nursing program at the Pikeville Campus.

B-Mark and Carrie both enrolled in the nursing program at American National University due to their desire to care for others.

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