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Factory Co-workers Now Train Side-By-Side for Medical Careers

Feb 04, 2015

Mary Adams and Melanie Caulder first met while working in a Red Wing Shoe factory.  Mary had worked for the company for 17 years and Melanie for 25 when the company closed and they lost their jobs.  

“You’re getting up in age, when all of a sudden, a major life change comes and leaves you wondering ‘What am I going to do now?” recalled Melanie. “We really didn’t want to go back into a factory,” added Mary.

Using funding through the Trade Adjustment Act (TAA), which provides career training for workers whose jobs are sent overseas, Mary and Melanie enrolled in the medical assisting program at the Danville, Kentucky Campus. They also helped fund their education through National’s exclusive Workforce Development Grant, which matches agency assistance.  

Currently in the last term of their programs, Mary and Melanie now work side-by-side as externs at Mercer Medical Associates, where they are practicing their medical skills as they prepare patients’ charts, room patients, schedule appointments, set up lab work and referrals, and give injections. “They’re showing us everything hands-on; I really like it,” Mary said.

Mary and Melanie are excited to begin their new careers, and they’re thankful that the TAA program and American National University have provided them with that opportunity. “I said that I was going to retire at 50. I lost my job and went back to school and here I go back out into the world at 53,” stated Melanie. “I’m always looking for those blessings, and it was surely a blessing to go to National through the Trade Act and come out debt free.”

A- Mary Adams (left) is shown performing a blood pressure check on Melanie Caulder (right) in the medical lab at the Danville, Kentucky Campus.

B- Melanie Caulder (left) and Mary Adams (right) funded their education through the Trade Adjustment Act (TAA) and the American National University Workforce Development Grant after they lost their jobs working in a shoe factory.

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