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Eric Vogler-Accounting and Business Department Chair-Richmond

Jun 16, 2014

• Eric Vogler—Difference Maker at the Richmond Campus

• Accounting and Business Department Chair; instructor of related courses

• American National University faculty member for 10 years
• Obtained 35 years of experience in the manufacturing industry—25 years in accounting positions and 10 years in plant management

• Holds a bachelor’s degree from John Carroll University and an MBA from Baldwin Wallace College
• Was one of the first people embarking on activity based costing accounting within the accounting industry with a pilot program through Harvard University

“I admire American National University students’ initiative to take the first step to change their lives. My greatest reward as a teacher has been moving my students to a new life by making them job-ready.

“I want my students to see business as a living system. Through my father, I met many business people. The controller at my father’s company was influential to me becoming involved in a career in accounting.”

American National University Difference Maker, Eric Vogler, has been an instructor at the Richmond Campus for 10 years. 

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