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English Class Completes Sweet Assignment

Oct 20, 2014

Gena Greer’s Preparatory English class recently completed a unique class project that involved writing and candy.

The class divided into groups and used candy wrappers to create sentences. The purpose of the project was to write creatively. The students felt it was an excellent and fun way to review everything they had learned so far in the class.

Medical assisting student Donetta Curtis felt that the project was a great learning experience.  “Ms. Greer taught and showed us that learning can be fun regardless of your age or learning capability,” said Donetta.

A-Students LaShana Medley (L) and Tiffany Medley (R) are shown with their compositions which they created using candy wrappers.

B-Pictured L to R:  Students Terri Fadder, Lillian Maxwell, Jessica Rose, Donetta Curtis, Brittany Phillips, and Natalie Alcorn with their Preparatory English class projects.