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Doug Lewis-Instructor-Columbus

May 12, 2014

Doug Lewis—Difference Maker at the Columbus Campus

• Instructor of law, health information management, business, and medical assisting courses
• Also works as a clinical audiologist, attorney, business consultant, and musician

American National University faculty member since 2009

• Holds a Doctor of Audiology degree, along with a Ph.D., Juris Doctor degree, three master’s degrees, two bachelor’s degrees, and an associate degree, as well as numerous association certifications and registries
• Maintains professional licensure and practices in law, clinical audiology, insurance, securities analysis, and nursing home administration

“Many students come from challenging backgrounds and are appreciative of someone taking the time to help them. I am always willing to help others who put out the effort to succeed.

“I challenge my students by strongly encouraging their opinions, even if different than mine. However, I insist their opinions be supported by legitimate sources and facts. I also encourage them to secure those facts and formulate their opinions from them.

“The biggest transformation I’ve seen in my students is having the self-confidence after going through the program to be able to go out and acquire gainful employment and a career… something they believed was not in their capabilities prior to going through their program of study.”

Instructor Doug Lewis holds eight degrees, including a doctorate of Audiology and a JurisDoctor degree. 

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